Hi, I’m Liam.

I enjoy creating beautiful products that people enjoy using.

In my downtime, I read and write about successful people, productivity hacks and entrepreneurship.


WDI: The Final Weeks

Previous post: WDI: The Third Quarter We’ve just finished WDI((WDI8 Finished on xx/xx/xx)). It’s been an absolute roller-coaster ride. I can’t wait to get stuck into some code in the workplace (and my own projects). Here’s what we covered in the final weeks: Week 10: Performance, Optimisation, Advanced Rails This week was dedicated to performance, optimisation and advanced […]

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WDI: The Third Quarter

Previous post: WDI: The Halfway Mark We’ve just hit the 3/4 mark. We’ve been focused on JavaScript Frameworks the past few weeks. Here’s what we covered. Week 7: JavaScript Frameworks Comprehensive JavaScript Lab jQuery Advanced DOM manipulation / traversal Events / Animation Plugins AJAX Project Management & Project Planning In preparation for our upcoming project, we […]

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WDI: The Halfway Mark

Previous post: WDI: The First Quarter We’ve just reached the halfway mark. Over the past three weeks, we have learnt the Rails MVC (Model, View, Controller) Framework, completed our first (individual) project and started learning JavaScript. It’s been an absolute whirlwind. Here’s what we covered: Week 4: Rails MVC Scaffold Generators Routes, Controllers and Views ActiveRecord […]

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