Hi, I’m Liam. I’m an an entrepreneur.

I’m so passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship that I even studied it. I have a Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship from University of Adelaide. I also get excited about technology, the future of education and work.

What I love

I love good clean design that is functional and customer centric.

I love good music. Not fussed about genre. Just needs to sound good.

I love big adventures. Hiking, traveling, backpacking, etc.

I love hanging out with people who are passionate about something.

I love flavoursome food, especially the diverse selection that is available in Sydney.

What I do

I’m Co-founder of a number of startups. I’m currently working on FitUsIn and have recently started an Account Manager role with

What I’ve done

I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of companies and startups, from PwC to Podio. I’ve also worked alongside an amazing team of students for TEDxMacquarieUniversity.

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Highlights from a life of serving, working, and playing with great people.